Ghost Recon Paranormal is a Christian based, very professional and highly experienced not for profit* organization that is dedicated to the research of unexplained phenomena and paranormal activity.

While we currently have teams located in Missouri and the Philippines, Ghost Recon Paranormal is constantly growing and looking to expand into other states. 

 As paranormal researchers, we are committed to collecting, evaluating and documenting the existence of life after death.

Although each investigation we conduct is unique from one location to the next, our protocol for investigation procedures never changes. And that is to either prove paranormal activity at your location or to disprove the activity as being paranormal by finding a logical or scientific explanation. Even though we are firm believers in the paranormal, we do not automatically label everything to be that of paranormal.

We have the experience, knowledge and dedication that is needed to focus on the specific issues that you are dealing with and will provide continuing support until your situation is resolved.

Upon request, our investigations can be conducted in complete stealth and a signed “Confidentiality Agreement” provided.

*We do not charge for our services. 












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